Sympathique – Responsive WordPress Theme


Having a portfolio site turns out to be essential when you intend to grip your online presence and, this can be done with the help of a stupendous premium theme named as Sympathique, after taking this theme you will not be having any sympathy upon our decision of having it. With this theme, designers, photographers and freelancers can display their work and the creative power that they hold within, and giving them the true support are the breath taking features of Sympathique. These features have been examined and tested by profound developers to ensure that, the final product which you are going to get is unique and does what it says.

The astounding world of Sympathique starts with integration with CSS3 and HTML5, that helps the user to enjoy perfect looks and features though great codes. One can even find a premium homepage slider also known to as a Revolution slider with this theme that costs about 12$ but one can avail this feature for free from Sympathique’s template. This slider can be used to slide along the main page content, images, galleries and posts too. With, the right usage of shortcode one can even fix up this Revolution slider in all the custom pages, thus enhancing the viewer’s experience, allowing them to slide up everything with an extreme ease. Sympathique even comes with 6 different color schemes which are quite unique and they are Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple. And the best part is that you can even make a color scheme on your own to, to out shun your work from others and the procedure to create your own color scheme is simple too for that you have to just go the admin panel of this theme and then work on making a color scheme of your choice.

The home page of any site can be taken as the platform where any viewer gets the first impression about your site, thus to make your portfolio site the best, you must make the home page of your site best too, and Sympathique takes this part quiet seriously therefore, it provides 5 variants of homepage which are corporate, creative, Business, One page homepage, and Multipurpose, ensuring that you get the real benefit of making your site with Sympathique and each variant of the homepage is compiled with their own distinct feature, that is noteworthy and even owns a great deal of appreciation. Sympathique has a responsive layout too, making compatible with almost all the devices, from smart phones, tablets, desktops to laptops. This works as an added advantage for your portfolio, as the visitor gets the opportunity to view your portfolio from any gadget and even from anywhere. This theme is even highly customizable and thus, one can easily customize each and every aspect of this theme, by understanding just a few options.

People take WordPress theme, as the toolkit of web designers and web experts, but Sympathique is here to change that ideology with almost more than 25 innovative HTML files and an extensive documentation, anyone can make a site to the standards of a web expert. To pump up the portfolio layout this theme comes with 4 ready to use Portfolio filter styles which are 3 columns, 2 columns, 4 columns and grid view too. If you thought that was all then, just wait a while because this is just the starting of Sympathique.

When, exploring the world of Sympathique one can even find 3 variant Blog styles, this feature was added up with an understanding that different blogs depict different ideas and having the same layout for each blogging can be a little unpleasant, hence to keep that misery away Sympathique has brought up 3 Blog styles which are Masonry with 3 columns, Masonry with 2 columns, and regular one too. Any WordPress theme will always remain incomplete without a proper Slider, and Sympathique has not just one but more than one slider, that’s right this theme brings up 2 sliders which can be used almost on all the pages and these sliders are Full width and Regular sliders.

Sympathique is retina ready too, which means that no matter which device is going to be used to view the site but, the images present in the site will remain clear, smooth and flexible in all of them. This feature provides the apt exposure that any site really needs. This theme even has Blog icons which have been brought up by the FontAwesome icon. There is even an inbuilt contact page available, integrated with AJAX and this page can be found in the Theme Option Panel of the theme and can be enlisted as the contact page of your site too. Avoiding the chaos of social sharing in this theme are some of the profound widgets that anyone would love to have and they are Flickr and Twitter widgets. These widgets help the user to incorporate their social world with their site, thus receiving the true potential rather the real value of your site through social networking mediums. Again, this theme is even compatible with all the major browsers.

Overall, this theme is best when you want a complete multipurpose WordPress theme at affordable rates. It even has enhanced touch of jQuery and layered PSD files too. There is something for everyone in this theme, making it a one of a kind theme, which is pretty hard to find. Therefore, lock your mind with Sympathique to make a site that is distinct, definitive and different from others.

Below are the highly prioritized features of Sympathique that everyone wants to use,

Features of Sympathique WordPress Theme

• Retina Ready
• Responsive
• 6 distinct color schemes
• Unique and amazing Homepage slider
• 5 different Homepage styles
• 2 Homepage sliders, regular and full width
• Contact form of Ajax
• PSD files included
• Integration of jQuery for enhanced support
• 2 social widgets Twitter and Flickr
• Adaptable with Major browsers
• 26 HTML files
Portfolio Grid layout

Porcelain – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


Porcelain is a versatile WordPress theme that is enabled with several functions which one can cherish upon. This theme is fully responsive and brings up amazing outlook on the social front. Excelling the best from Porcelain is the Parallax animation, which gives this theme a huge advantage on the creative quotient. But that’s not all, as this theme has a lot more in store for its users. Porcelain is an overwhelming theme that can justify almost any site that you want to have with it. It is great for professional and personal site, blogs, corporate, business almost every site will look good and feel great with Porcelain.

What makes Porcelain Unique from its fellow WordPress themes?

Porcelain is not only about creativity, but it’s about professional look too. With this theme you can build a strong concept of having a professional approach towards your site, or present your site in a designated way. Because, a well built site is always adored by the visitors and they keep coming back for more and more. Unlike most of the WordPress theme, that Parallax animation mentioned above is quite a rare feature, which only provided by a few WordPress themes. Porcelain has a plethora of features that are super easy to understand and thus, this makes this theme user friendly too.

This theme is basically modern and clean, making it the theme of today’s rapidly growing online world. With this theme one can find custom background, custom headers and custom footers, which creates a perfect arena for your creative ideas to flow. Adding up to the essence of parallax animation is the responsive design of this theme, the amalgamation of amazing animations and unique responsive outline makes it a treat to be viewed by the visitors, providing them the optimal Parallax experience. Porcelain even has a feature rich admin panel too, where the user becomes the controller of their site, at the admin panel, you mind will be the mastermind for your site. This actually becomes the medium that lets your work meet the online world through your ideas.

Porcelain even has the advanced form of AJAX gallery, this gallery allows the user to create unlimited posts and pages, which they want for their site. This stunning gallery even provides jQuery animation that acts like an icing on the cake. Not one, but there are 2 animation effects available with Porcelain parallax animation and now jQuery too. But, there is something more too. The Ajax Gallery even brings an AJAX pagination which is nothing but a simple filter that allows categorization, for the smooth running of your site. In each gallery the user gets many image option to choose from a few strategic actions which are, opening the image slider in full width or 2 columns along with jQuery animation that enhances your uploading experience by allowing the user to upload images at a bulk, achieved by the bulk uploader, next option is opening the image as a image light box or image gallery that gets attached to the item, play the video in full width or 2 column layout, opening the content of an item in a new page or even opening the custom link in a fresh page.

Then again, there are options present with the gallery too, such as option to select from four, three and two column layout, support of Masonry layout, endless gallery pages; this means that the user and keep on creating galleries with variant image sets, then is the Partial loader; and this is nothing but a partially loading slider, that tends to load the pertained image sets of background, and other portions too, in order to up bring faster performance. Therefore, it even works wondrously on a plethora of images too. And the last option is social sharing; this option enables your images to be shared from any social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The Ajax category can be switched on or off according to the will of the user, and the same goes for AJAX pagination too.

Speaking the heart out of your site are the skins present in Porcelain and with this theme the user can avail unlimited skin option and even change or create a unique skin completely from the scratch, there are few example skins that have been given up by this theme too, which gives a basic idea to the user, and helps them to create a skin with proper color, font and headers too. Porcelain even brings the latest Content Editor Button too, with this option the user witnesses a set of buttons that helps them to insert any attribute, for example portfolio carousel, service boxes, sliders and a lot more directly without any hassle in the editor area. By this, the user can develop a full width background with added style and customs.

The parallax animation which is given in this theme is implanted in various ways at various phases of the site. Such sectors being, content slider, service box animations and background images with full width sections. The Font Management of Porcelain is even exceptional; this arena is controlled by Google API and default web fonts. Porcelain even has 3 sliders, Content slider for sliding animation, background and layouts, Nivo slider, for sliding page header of the main page, galley, posts, and pages, and the last is the image slider essential for sliding down images and image gallery.

Porcelain is quite easy to set up and even comes with step by step documentation so that the user can understand the processing of using this theme blissfully. The advantageous features of Porcelain are mentioned below

Features of Porcelain WordPress theme

• Responsive
• Retina Ready
• Parallax animation
• JQuery Animation
• Advanced AJAX gallery
• 2 Image sliders
• Latest Content Editor
• Extensive documentation
• More than one blog layouts
• Unlimited sidebars
• Social sharing
• Logo replacement option
• AJAX contact form
• Support to major browsers like Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Enkata – Responsive WordPress CMS Theme

ENKATA | demo

Enkata is a content management system (CMS) theme developed by ThemeForest. This theme works tremendously well for corporate, business, portfolio and even blogging sites. The magic of this theme that is worth of appreciation is the Video tutorial with extensive documentation; here the user can view simple and easy videos which come along with this theme, which will help them to create a website on their own, all by themselves, without the support or help of any web expert or designer.

Along with that Enkata is even rich in features and holds many amazing functionalities. This theme is not only simple but at the same time it is elegant and graceful too. It even has a flexible and steady layout, which enlightens your online presence. This theme is even capped with many customizing options, which can be used from the well versed admin panel of this theme.

The heart of Enkata comes from its 7 custom widgets which are Kayapati- recent post; used for displaying the latest thumbnail, posts along with their date and short content too in the Toggle Box or running along the sidebar, second is Kayapati- popular widget post, which works in accordance to its name and portrays the popular posts present in your site, third being Kayapati- Flickr widget, here photos from the Flickr are displayed on your site, fourth Kayapati- portfolio widget, this works on enhancing the display of the latest portfolios on your site, fifth one is the Kayapati- Portfolio gallery using this widget, one can display the portfolio items which they highly prioritize, sixth one Kayapati Mini contact from widget, this widget displays mini contacts either on the sidebar or on the top of the site, and the final one is the Kayapati Contact info widget, that brings up quick contact information on your site.

Enkata WP theme is not only best with its features, but also brings up a minimal and stylish look, which is highly appreciated by visitors who turn up on your site. And this appreciation comes from the custom skin that can be customized by the user too. Enkata doesn’t let you get lost in the shadows of endless sites available and this happens with its SEO option, meaning that all the pages that you make at Enkata are completely SEO ready, but the ranking depends on your content and the way you have used your keywords. Enkata even has a fast gallery; this gallery can be arranged in any mode from landscape gallery to a portrait gallery, helping the user to create a page with the entire added image in any form that they want to have.

Moreover, Enkata comes with feature at a bulk and some of them being a dynamic thumbnail resizing, import and export of theme styles, Aqua page builder, Kaya slider that brings wondrous transitions, ability to make unlimited portfolios, Portfolio page template; enabled with 2 column, 3 column and 4 column, and a well suited Main slider too which can be added up to any page, and a lot more. Enkata has always been the favorite of those, who have created their site using this theme and, this proves the user friendliness of this theme, making it adaptable to anyone, from anywhere.

Enkata is responsive too. That’s right this theme is responsive and thus can be viewed using any gadgets whether smart phones, tablets, mobiles, desktop and laptops too. Enkata is a one stop theme for all your theme needs. This theme even runs on amazing codes, which have been used in a detailed manner, so that the finish product given by Enkata is destined to succeed.

There is even a lot more that Enkata comes with, this theme as a trendy Theme Panel Option, where the user can make all the changes to make the site just the way they always wanted it to be. At, the Theme Option Panel, the user can change the fonts of the theme, and the fonts which are available for this theme have been initiated directly from the Google library, thus ensuring that you can get endless ranges of fonts to choose from and finally take up the one that is best suited for your site. Theme Option panel even helps you to categorize your page and given them the vibrant touch of colors and effects, available in the color option, the best part is that the user can either choose a template from the custom skin or create their own template portraying their creativity, to make their site unique from others. And this helps them to give that extra edge that they can have on their site, which will make their site a standout.

Enkata even has an unlimited side bar widget area, basically used for posting, creating pages, attaching images and availing all the distinct Page layouts present in the theme. The pages that are available at Enkata are ready to use for instance, the contact page, are present in this theme as a template and can be used immediately from the Theme Panel Option, just click on the theme menu, go for templates and find the contact page suitable for your site, click on that and your contact page is ready to be viewed by the visitors of your site.

Enkata even has many more attributions, like the translation option, which is mainly used to translate the files to any language that the user wants. This helps the user to understand the files in a better way without facing any complications. Overall, this theme is a value for money product and look out for more features of this theme highlighted below:

Enkata WordPress Theme Features

• Responsive
• Manage unlimited Portfolios
• Kaya slider
• Custom sidebars
• Video support enabled with Portfolio pages
• Highly customizable panel
• Contact and Gallery page template
• 7 custom widgets
• Commented code
• Main slider for any page
• HTML file included
• Aqua page builder
• Unlimited Color options
• Thumbnail resizing ability.

Everest – Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

EVEREST | demo

Everest Portfolio WordPress theme
Built with style, class and loads of feature Everest is your one stop destination to a creative site, particularly for sites related to photography. This theme is an amazing portfolio theme that comes from the house of ThemeForest, developed with an idea to make your work reach out to people, in a professional as well as stylish manner. So, all that comes to the visitors mind are the worthy words of appreciation. Adding to the charm of this theme are its fully finished features, which are easy to use, understand and even optimize. This theme will allow its user to create a unique and distinct site which they always wanted.

Everest has all the features that any good portfolio theme should have. For instance, this theme is 100% responsive, and because of this the user’s site can be viewed from any devices laptops, desktops and even tablets. This solves the crucial trouble of owning variant themes just to make your site adaptable to every device. And as mentioned, this theme is even good for freelancer and agency that needs to make an online platform to make their work reach out to people.

The highlight of this theme is the full screen and width portfolio; with this you can happily showcase your work on a fully fledged, full screen module, making your work the heart of the site. This option can even be beneficial when the user wants to highlight or make a particular work prominent on the site. Then, helping you juggle up with the endless content present in the screen are the full screen sliders. This allows the visitor to slide down and drag up the page until they reach the content that they wanted to view. This slider holds good roots to the revolutionized slider, and can even be used from any gadget.

Everest brings up almost everything in full screen, fullscreen backgrounds, full screen videos and even fullscreen texts. This theme is enabled with more than 200 options, as recorded in the Theme Option panel. Theme Option panel is the best spot of Everest; here you can change all the aspects of your site, from colors to fonts. The Theme Option Panel has almost 6 templates and skins, and even a logo uploader that can be used to upload logos that often tend to become the identity of your site. Being a retina ready theme, everything that the user sets up on their site is displayed with crisp and sharp structures in almost all the devices, with an automatic adjust for the screen sizes.

With this theme the user can even create a skin of their own which works for their site from the unlimited skin options provided by the Theme Option panel, they can even take inspiration from the 6 templates given up by Everest and create their own skin that talks about their site, or is like an eye of their site. There are even 2 grid options, which are given for the display of your portfolio. These options are fixed Width and Full Width, in the fixed width option the user can maintain a substantial length required for the displaying portfolio, in full width the portfolio gets displayed in fullscreen.

The magic of Everest is its hover effect and this effect works on almost every parameter like color, font color, rollover color, zoom factor, and even with an option of choosing custom options or logos. One can even venture upon its fullscreen background images for posts, projects and even variant pages. The overlay and Opacity patterns of this theme are highly customizable too, which means that you can portray your work in your way.

The incorporated Sliders of this theme have a lot to offer, at first is the full width slider that comes with touch and swipe ability is a gift of UDTHEMES, which brings custom captions and smooth transition too, from right to left, top to bottom and fade. At the Theme Option Panel the user can set variant transitions that they want for variant devices like mobiles and tablets, the other being optional slider where the user has an option between cropping the image for the screen size, or even displaying the entire image in full screen and the final slider is the Flex slider, with all its subtle attributes is used for custom options. The power of this theme comes from its AJAX contact form; this form has sleek design and even works amazingly with the codes of Everest. This page can be found at the theme Option panel and then, can be selected as user’s contact form, right down for the contact page. Everest even comes with Fancy light box, which has custom captions, and can be used on images and videos with the surrounded support of SoundCloud

Is Everest theme worth to bid your money on? And the answer to this question is a complete yes, but there are a few criteria’s too, be sure about the requirements that you are going to have from your theme, and if you are in the heed to go for a portfolio them then, there is nothing better than Everest. It comprises with all the exceptional features and looks that are found only in a few WordPress themes and Everest being one of them. This theme even has PDS files and supports all the major browsers, like FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE 8, IE 10 and IE 9.

Here is an overview of the features that are available with Everest WordPress theme

Features of Everest WordPress theme
• Responsive
• Highly customizable
• 2 grid portfolio options, full width and fixed width
• Ajax Contact forum
• SoundCloud with Lightbox
• Stunning Hover effect
• Full screen and width portfolio
• 200 options at Theme Option panel
• Integration with HTML
• 3 distinct slider, full width, optional and Flex slider
• PSD files included
• Amazing online and offline documentations
• Support to all the Major browsers.

Metropolis – Clean Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Metropolis is a responsive theme that can be used for multiple purposes. This theme has been used for a lot of different business and the design is smooth, effective and responsive. If you are looking to enjoy some of the best themes that will help you in projecting your business in the right light, this is the theme that will do you a world of good.

To give you an overview of the theme, here are some of the top points and features.
Clean and minimal

The metropolis theme is so designed that it doesn’t have any unnecessary clutter. When you are looking to find a suitable theme for your business, you want to be sure that the theme will have a minimalistic design such that the interface looks brilliant and does not seem to be too loaded with stuffs.
Metropolis is one of those themes that have taken care of this aspect and it is a smart theme that will be compatible with a lot of different business types. When you are setting up a website, the type of theme that you have chosen holds tremendous importance. It is the theme of your business that will help in getting a lot more visitors.
When visitors pop over to your site and the theme is elegant and easy to navigate, it will keep the users on the site or else they are likely to navigate away. The fact that metropolis has a clean and minimal theme means that it will help your users in staying on the site and they will not face any difficulty in moving from one segment to another.

Color Customization options

Every business has their own set of needs and demands. This theme is available in a lot of colors and based upon your preferences and choices, you can choose the color that you deem fit. So, you can explore the different choices and then pick the best colors that suit your needs.

Efficient page layout

No doubt, when you are choosing a theme, you want it to support various pages. Putting all your info on a single page is a flawed idea. The metropolis theme has a lot of pages embedded in it and you will be able to have a structured and spread out layout that is going to help you in putting the right impression on your users.

Apt for blogging

If you have a blog related to your business, which is fairly common these days, you will find that this theme is going to serve your purpose to the fullest. There are different styles of blogs that you can use. Even if you are looking to buy a theme for your own personal blogging network, metropolis is sure to be the best theme that you can have.

Best for showcasing portfolio

This theme is considered to be the ideal choice for all those who are looking to showcase their portfolio. If you want to have such a theme that will help you in displaying your creative skills in an engaging and creative manner, this theme will serve your objective to the fullest
There are various different display styles and all of them will help you in showing off the best skills. It can come in handy in attracting a lot of new clients which in turn can be beneficial for your business as well.