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Everest Portfolio WordPress theme
Built with style, class and loads of feature Everest is your one stop destination to a creative site, particularly for sites related to photography. This theme is an amazing portfolio theme that comes from the house of ThemeForest, developed with an idea to make your work reach out to people, in a professional as well as stylish manner. So, all that comes to the visitors mind are the worthy words of appreciation. Adding to the charm of this theme are its fully finished features, which are easy to use, understand and even optimize. This theme will allow its user to create a unique and distinct site which they always wanted.

Everest has all the features that any good portfolio theme should have. For instance, this theme is 100% responsive, and because of this the user’s site can be viewed from any devices laptops, desktops and even tablets. This solves the crucial trouble of owning variant themes just to make your site adaptable to every device. And as mentioned, this theme is even good for freelancer and agency that needs to make an online platform to make their work reach out to people.

The highlight of this theme is the full screen and width portfolio; with this you can happily showcase your work on a fully fledged, full screen module, making your work the heart of the site. This option can even be beneficial when the user wants to highlight or make a particular work prominent on the site. Then, helping you juggle up with the endless content present in the screen are the full screen sliders. This allows the visitor to slide down and drag up the page until they reach the content that they wanted to view. This slider holds good roots to the revolutionized slider, and can even be used from any gadget.

Everest brings up almost everything in full screen, fullscreen backgrounds, full screen videos and even fullscreen texts. This theme is enabled with more than 200 options, as recorded in the Theme Option panel. Theme Option panel is the best spot of Everest; here you can change all the aspects of your site, from colors to fonts. The Theme Option Panel has almost 6 templates and skins, and even a logo uploader that can be used to upload logos that often tend to become the identity of your site. Being a retina ready theme, everything that the user sets up on their site is displayed with crisp and sharp structures in almost all the devices, with an automatic adjust for the screen sizes.

With this theme the user can even create a skin of their own which works for their site from the unlimited skin options provided by the Theme Option panel, they can even take inspiration from the 6 templates given up by Everest and create their own skin that talks about their site, or is like an eye of their site. There are even 2 grid options, which are given for the display of your portfolio. These options are fixed Width and Full Width, in the fixed width option the user can maintain a substantial length required for the displaying portfolio, in full width the portfolio gets displayed in fullscreen.

The magic of Everest is its hover effect and this effect works on almost every parameter like color, font color, rollover color, zoom factor, and even with an option of choosing custom options or logos. One can even venture upon its fullscreen background images for posts, projects and even variant pages. The overlay and Opacity patterns of this theme are highly customizable too, which means that you can portray your work in your way.

The incorporated Sliders of this theme have a lot to offer, at first is the full width slider that comes with touch and swipe ability is a gift of UDTHEMES, which brings custom captions and smooth transition too, from right to left, top to bottom and fade. At the Theme Option Panel the user can set variant transitions that they want for variant devices like mobiles and tablets, the other being optional slider where the user has an option between cropping the image for the screen size, or even displaying the entire image in full screen and the final slider is the Flex slider, with all its subtle attributes is used for custom options. The power of this theme comes from its AJAX contact form; this form has sleek design and even works amazingly with the codes of Everest. This page can be found at the theme Option panel and then, can be selected as user’s contact form, right down for the contact page. Everest even comes with Fancy light box, which has custom captions, and can be used on images and videos with the surrounded support of SoundCloud

Is Everest theme worth to bid your money on? And the answer to this question is a complete yes, but there are a few criteria’s too, be sure about the requirements that you are going to have from your theme, and if you are in the heed to go for a portfolio them then, there is nothing better than Everest. It comprises with all the exceptional features and looks that are found only in a few WordPress themes and Everest being one of them. This theme even has PDS files and supports all the major browsers, like FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE 8, IE 10 and IE 9.

Here is an overview of the features that are available with Everest WordPress theme

Features of Everest WordPress theme
• Responsive
• Highly customizable
• 2 grid portfolio options, full width and fixed width
• Ajax Contact forum
• SoundCloud with Lightbox
• Stunning Hover effect
• Full screen and width portfolio
• 200 options at Theme Option panel
• Integration with HTML
• 3 distinct slider, full width, optional and Flex slider
• PSD files included
• Amazing online and offline documentations
• Support to all the Major browsers.

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